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Rare and collectible Items

Collectibles are items that are sought by collectors of a certain item, theme, type, or genre. Action figures, comics, and LEGO have many collectible items because of limited runs, editions, or sets, or because of items that were once distributed either in small amounts or widely, but are now retired. While some collectible are items that could be priceless to some, they usually come about as a matter of luck to have saved the right items.

In general collectibles can be rare and worth a lot to a collector looking to add to their collection. Some interesting collectibles exist for LEGO enthusiasts such as the Ultimate Build Millennium Falcon which is considered the most expensive LEGO set to date and if a major collectors items. In the field of comics, Action Comics Superman #1 is valued at about $2,000,000 while action figure enthusiasts can search for Luke Skywalker on a card with a value at about $7-8,000.

Collectibles of All Sorts

There are all sorts of collectible items for every interest. At Funny Business we have come across our shares of collections and collectors. From retired items to limited additions and employee only sets, there are great collectibles of all kinds ready to be found and added to your personal collection. Whether you are searching for rare comics, retired LEGO sets, or limited edition action figures there is always something to add to an almost complete collection.

Your Collection

If you are a collector looking to expand your collection, or are newly interested in starting there are many collectible items to be found and added at any stage. To start collecting we recommend always purchasing two of an item. Use one and preserve the other. In general a major rule in collecting is that the boxes for toys are very important, if you wish to build your collection with these items, do not throw them out. Comics should be boarded and bagged and always kept in a dry environment at all times to preserve the quality.

Your Search Ends Here

We offer a wide variety of rare and collectible items. In the past we have helped our customers to find many items such as LEGO sets, rare action figures, and first edition comics. We are constantly buying and search for items for your collection. We also search for specific items with customer requests.

We always have new items in the store and online. Our main areas for collectibles are in LEGO, action figures, and comics. If you are searching for something in particular, let us know, we have many sources to find you exactly what you are looking for. We can usually get you item within a few weeks and offer some of the best prices on collectible items in around. We aim to find you whatever you need to help you with your LEGO, action figure, or comic book collection.

If you are looking to sell your collectible items, read up on our consignment process.

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Action Comics Superman #1 is one of the most expensive collectibiles.
It is valued at around $2,000,000.

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