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Action figures are a classic favorite among kids and adults alike, whether you want to play, display, or collect there is likely an action figure right for you. While Action figures are popular for playing and are a great addition to any child’s toy collection, they are also great display pieces that can be proudly placed in a prime location to complement a growing collection of your favorite series or character.

Action figures are particularly great in that they are fun for everyone. While many children will be excited to play with their new action figures right away, many adults opt to keep them packaged in their original casing, or put them on display and kept in perfect condition. However you plan to enjoy you can’t go wrong with great action figures.

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There are many popular action figures that can be found online and in stores, Batman animated series, Star Wars, and Funko are just a few that are currently popular and some of our favorites. If you are not sure where to start, we recommend Hot Toys, which has some of the best figures on the market!

While classic figures and action figures made by companies such as DC and Marvel always make great figures of your favorite characters and heroes, others types of figures such as Shopkins and Funko are also very popular and offer something a little different. Busts, statues, and figurines are also great ways to display your favorite characters proudly in 3D as part of your collection.

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At Funny Business we carry a wide range of action figures sure to fit in with your collection. Current products include figures by S.H Figuarts, DC Direct, Marvel Legends and Funko. We also have some popular figures and some of our favorites such as, The Star Wars Samurai line and the Batman Animated series 6 inch figures. We are always getting in new figures so don’t hesitate to contact us to ask us about any action figures or questions. Stop by the store or shop online to search our action figures, ask us about upcoming products, or find out about any special offers.



The original G.I. Joe was 12 inches tall and debuted in 1964.

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