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Lego Accessories

We all love LEGO and one of the best things about it is the the chance to rebuild and create again and again. Whether you have lots of loose brick or tons of sets, we offer lots of great accessories and additions for your LEGO. We currently have lots to compliment your collection including extra building base plates, motors for technic creations, remote controlled packs and weapons to arm your mini figs. In addition to accessories for your LEGO sets and brick we also offer a wide range of Mini Figures including new and collectable figs for whatever you build.

Accessories for Comic Books

Whether you like the occasional comic book or are an avid collector we offer everything you need to keep your books in the best possible condition. Make sure to preserved your comics with special boards and bags to keep them clean, dry, and flat. We also offer boxes for storage and special books you want to be sure to preserve for years to come.

Much, Much More

While we are passionate about all things LEGO, comics, and action figures, we also love all things fun and games. We offer a large selection of other products for all your toy and gaming needs. Stop in or shop online to see our selection of great home items and gift including glasses, bags, posters, puzzles and plushies perfect for the collector in your life. We also sell great card games including Pokemon and Magic. Contact us to find out more about our wide range of products available in the store and online.

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